Mission Statement

This is last third of my life.
I am becoming an old human being.
I have seen the misery that often comes towards end of life.
COPD, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Alzheimers
How can I lessen the risks of that happening?
There is a way. It may be possible.


I live in a tiny “Blue Zone”.
I will start yoga with meditation.
I will do balance and core-building exercise.
I will add High-Intensity Interval Training aerobics.
I will eat vegetables, nuts and beans everyday.
I will find sources of social support.


This is my 40-year experiment.
Can I finish before my mind leaves?
Decide to start a blog so others can join me.
It will include stories of farm, mules, dogs, walks.
It may include anxiety & depression.
Will others find interesting?
Does it matter?

Welcome to this journey.

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Thanks for your patience while I learn new tricks. Notebook and journal writing much more comfortable. Frustration and fun!


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