Don’t Kill Grandma!!!

Anger propels my feet up hills this morning. Run goes more quickly than usual, as when timer signals walk period, I keep on at slow jog since must get home to make signs for parents’ front and back doors and get them into mail before deliveries leave today.

I am so angry since mother told me at 7:30 a.m. when called that young people with kids visited her home twice in last weeks.

I wonder, “How, can young people possibly think it SAFE to go in an old person’s house!” What is the matter with those younger people, as not only one visited her with child but another visited with four children!

Young people must have heard about asymptomatic carriers; don’t they know that means people without any symptoms of sickness have the virus and can spread it to others? Wouldn’t they want to keep older people they love from getting this awful disease?

My mother has never known to set boundaries, since her religion told her for years to invite strangers in, “as thereby, some have entertained angels.” She cannot keep herself and my dad, both entering later 80s, safe. She cannot do it. We must rely on the kindness of others to KEEP THEM SAFE.

I called my brothers earlier (before yoga and jog), as they the closest and most able to help parents stay safe. I’m dismayed when one brother tells me, “Oh, it’s not so important, you saw that 500 had virus on U.S.S. Roosevelt and only one died.”

I want to shout at him (I probably do), “Those are young and healthy people. They are not OLD & SUSCEPTIBLE PEOPLE LIKE OUR PARENTS!!!”

I call another brother and am relieved that he taking more seriously. However, he’s still going over to take food, visit and help them by vacuuming. I want him to know that he may STAY HOME NOW or at least leave food on table outside and visit in front yard at distance. More important that he keep himself and wife safe and not worry for awhile that our parents eat frozen dinners and house gets dirty. So far as I know, a dirty house is much safer than COVID.

I told him had tried to impress upon mother that this virus is DEADLY and it KILLS OLD PEOPLE. (Dad was out already working on property, so will tell him later when we talk.) I told her we (she, dad, self, husband) must stay away from ALL people until a vaccine is available. Told her will make and send signs for both doors.

Brother says will post signs and make white line with duct tape and big black letters at both doors saying — STAY THIS FAR BACK. COVER FACES. PLEASE KEEP OLD PEOPLE SAFE.

I next text the grandson who lives at their home to say THANK YOU for disinfecting and for isolating, as my brother has told me he sees being done. I ask grandson to have bandannas and scarves ready to hand to visitors and to please insist they stay in front yard when visiting grandparents. He doesn’t know when people coming, he says, and I tell him all we can do is try our best. We’ll hope it’s good enough.

I head out to send signs, glad to see man at FedEx desk wearing mask. I plead here for younger people to help keep older people they love safe with distancing, face covers and reminders until we get vaccine.

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