Birds Don’t Need Ornithologists to Fly

I woke this morning frustrated by my lack of website skills after seeing son’s gorgeous 3-page wedding invitation site. I want immediately to make a beautiful thing like that for our Annual All-family Birthday Celebration to be held on hill above house next month.

Worry is how to get birthday website made? Does son use a technical person in India that can help me? I’ve thought of that as to making my Healthy2aHundred website better; I know it’s possible, but it takes time to research.

Still feeling discouraged at lack of technical skills, I then read morning’s AWAKENING: Birds don’t need ornithologists to fly. Duh. Why not just an old-fashioned style invitation that I copy and mail or hand deliver? Stop thinking every creative endeavor now needs to be so up-to-date and fancy!

As I’ve tried to encourage with farm kids in past summers when they help me lead llamas for pack-trip conditioning — learning basic old-fashioned skills is very important. “How many days,” I ask them, “will a bale of hay last if feeding llamas 1/6th bale each day?” or, much harder, if planning to leave and preparing them to feed my dogs, I’d say, “If each morning and evening the big dog gets 1-1/2 cup of food and small dog gets 1/2 cup, how many days will a 5-quart bag of food last?” (Difficult questions for kids to answer when put on spot, but we figure it out together.)

I breathe a sigh of relief once realize I can make invitation by hand as always done before; do yoga, then head uphill with happy dog to take photo of what we call Great-Grandpa’s Memorial Rock where birthday celebration will be held for first time in 2020.

Cross fingers that paper invitation gets quickly made and sent, skies stay clear, temperatures stay warm and all stay well!

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