Laughter Best Medicine

Morning started out great when hysterical video received from friend at 7 a.m. showing New Normal of Quarantine.

Next opened favorite daybook AWAKENING and saw today, titled “The Next Step to Health”. How could poet Mark Nepo write something so appropriate for today, I wonder? Then realize it’s April 15th and taxes normally must be paid, so it does apply to each year. I’m lucky not to have that stress, since mine turned in early for first time in years. Another blessing for this day!

Finally up when sun streams in upper windows, causing sneezing before yoga. I can’t worry about disease when taking anti-aging potions recommended from LIFESPAN by Dr. Sinclair, right? Although look in mirror and see teeth looking browner. Could that be from those new drugs or is it due to three cups of coffee before getting up each morning?

“Copious cups of coffee” said to be drunk in Blue Zones (those where people live at much greater ages to 100), so even though knowing for sure that only 3 of the 5 drink coffee (Greece, Italy and Costa Rica; not Loma Linda Adventists or Okinawans who drink tea), I’ve made it my new daily habit to have a delicious 3rd cup from Keurig, leaving the 2-hour old last cup in pot for husband; telling myself he likes the ease of pouring from pot.

Finally done with yoga, headed uphill with dog, realize very cold wind blowing from northeast. I’d thought days were warming and only thrown on a light windbreaker over tank top. Now I think might go back for heavier jacket, but remember that in LIFESPAN Sinclair said it stimulates and improves immune system if we allow ourselves to get very cold.

He suggests going from heat of sauna or hot tub and rolling in snow like done in Sweden; but, also, says that colder sleeping is beneficial, so perhaps this colder walking will be extremely healthy on this day.

I’m a bit warmer I realize, since wore work gloves today so can stop at mules’ corral on way back and clear it of tall spiky dead weeds left from last summer. Mule stepped on a sharp stub last year and became lame in back foot. Best clear weeds with hoe, not mow which leaves spikes; as even when stepping myself on stubs of huge weeds it felt last year as if might poke through my boots.

Reminds me that farrier will be needed soon. I wonder if he’s considered “essential” or willing to sneak out to our farm to trim hooves not done since late December. Reminds me of prohibition when people sneaking into speakeasies with fear of getting arrested. Things must be done!

Hoof trimming essential on dun molly who starts fussing if back feet held up longer than she thinks is necessary. Previous owners said she used to have shoes on feet, but with new owner and different farrier (even after 4 years), she’s decided will tell us when enough is enough, so I hope he says can come.

Be good if that’s my only worry for today. I’ve told husband and friends will hook hdmi cable to big TV and show video for him at Happy Hour time, ours still 5:00 on working farm, but some friends tell me maybe they’ll start earlier as shown in video. Whenever you decide, lift a glass, say “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” — join us and stay well!

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