Learning New Things

This morning I sleep to unheard-of hour of 5:40 a.m. Will try to figure out what different last night, as have been waking at 4 a.m. on too many mornings. Sun comes up early still, probably as simple as remembering to lower blinds will help sleep; going to bed too late when dark out so haven’t thought to lower them.

I get coffee, update journal, then up to do yoga. Decided would let video go public on YouTube last week. Big scare to do this, as seems so exposed, but now is time for blog to go live and its whole purpose for being was at first to get people wanting to do the short yoga routine I devised when felt would be good to put some yoga into my life.

Wanted to have a routine short enough and simple enough that I would do it every day. The link is on button on home page of this blog. Part of “learning” to find out if it will work as planned.

Head out with dogs for the Wednesday morning aerobic workout. Easier to do the tiny jog today with so much running through my mind about steps needed to finish blog. Might be easier for a writer, I think, to stick with this high-intensity interval training aerobics workout, as creative ideas have always flowed for me when out in nature with feet doing a mindless thing.

I think about the push recently for people to learn new things to help keep Alzheimer’s away. Saw my mother take up Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word challenges. Bought her a Nintendo “brain games” tiny calculator-like device. She said tired of it after a year or so; I wonder now if it became too hard for her as she started actually telling us she was “losing my brains”.

Realize while headed up hill that did not read anything in the Blue Zones book or hear about on the Blue Zones Ted Talks saying that the 100+ year olds were learning new things to keep brains younger. Did read and hear that the incidence of Alzheimer’s and dementia was very low in those populations, but gathered generally that it must be due to continual low-intensity movement, sense of purpose and eating healthier foods.

Probably can’t hurt to learn new things. At least, I hope it will help my brain grow new connections. Was difficult for me to figure out how to get the video uploaded to YouTube. Even now, I search for the Healthy2aHundred channel and it says “not found.” Have heard that even a 6-year-old can post to YouTube, it is so easy. I’m discouraged. Okay, will move onto getting the blog restarted with WordPress that my goal for today.

Back from running. I go to let the little mules out into their paddock-pasture. So enjoyable to hear them braying when they see me coming. They are fat, at risk of foundering, the farrier told me. They need lots of dry corral, but I want them moving around a bit more and eating down the paddock-pasture so they can be out it in more, walking around trying to find the green grass, as heard it is supposed to work that way. Mules and llamas are making progress, it is looking drier, but they immediately grab mouthfuls of grass, so it will be a short stay out today.

Next job, while cool this morning, is to clean carpet at a rental apartment. Feel a bit resentful to be doing this at my age, think of other friends playing golf on this gorgeous morning, but then remember that Blue Zone people were said to be doing all of their work all of their lives. Thought to be one reason they are living so long.

I remember a lady of 105-years old in our town, she said to be getting new rental properties even at age 80 and managing her properties almost until day she died. She will be my role model. I will accept this task of carpet cleaning and be grateful that I am able to haul buckets of water (20 lbs each) to pour into the machine. I spend 2 hours cleaning carpets. With 12 buckets (6 in machine, 6 out to dump), decide was 240 lbs. moved this morning. That should be good for building core strength.

Finally enough done for one morning, will finish tomorrow, head home and have breakfast at 11 a.m. That was a longer “fast” than usual, have read that body will repair self if thinks in fasting mode, article said best if all food consumed between 10a-6p.

Next task is to put the mules into dry corral. An enjoyable task, as they full now and readily head back to the corral for expected small sweet-feed treat. They almost totally shedded out now, will curry them when come in afternoon to give a small amount of hay. Think we need to load mules and llamas up soon, get farm kids to help me take on conditioning walks, as have first pack trip coming up soon.

Back finally to office. Success. Video is live. Blog is live!

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