World’s Blue Zones Have Mediterranean Climates

Fast hike up steeper more direct part of hills this morning with big white dog, since lots to do to get ready for All-Family Birthday Party: Make signs to direct people up hill towards site, wear mask and keep hands away from birthday cards while writing thoughts, prepare mock-up for great-grandpa’s memorial rock to represent bronze plaque that will finally be ordered 9 years now after spreading ashes, get song sheets ready, help husband move tables up to field so food, drinks and each family have own tables (only 10 people gathering, but several elders need separate tables), give big dog a bath (dread that, but good to check for ticks), brush mules so can carry pack with supplies up hill and give rides to grand-children; plus, all the regular ordinary stuff to do each day, as farming hasn’t stopped.

I’ve found that the cadence of moving feet is excellent for thinking and my brain suddenly realizes that all Blue Zone cities are in a similar band across the world, shown where I’ve circled them on world map in my hallway at home, which would mean all have Mediterranean-type climates. Greece, Italy, Okinawa, Loma Linda (CA), Costa Rica.

Nine evidence-based principles were found in those communities that seem to contribute to people living healthy to 100.

That important, as my mind had brought up a contradictory thought. David Sinclair in book LIFESPAN: WHY WE AGE AND WHY WE DON’T HAVE TO, says that hot and cold are proven to stimulate the body towards health. He suggests to be like people in Scandinavian countries, going from sauna to ice ponds.

I haven’t really been able to find a way to fit that into my life, as can’t bring myself to run outside after a nice hot bath (to help sleep) and plunge body into snowbank (seems would defeat purpose of relaxation).

Therefore, I’m relieved now when remembering that Blue Zones in Mediterranean climates probably achieved healthy living to a hundred without using that component of the LIFESPAN anti-aging practices. Perhaps I won’t live to the healthy age 120 Sinclair thinks is possible, but getting Healthy2aHundred sounds like enough to me in this time of deadly threat from virus.

I put dog on leash so as to keep her from heading towards chickens as we jog down hill where I’ll mix the “anti-aging” potions, eat my healthy every-day-same 10:30 breakfast and get on towards a purposeful day. Hoping all will incorporate the 9 Blue Zones principles into their own lives as we strive to be healthy in stressful times. Here’s the link:

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